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Noah Guthrie
Backyard Concert Series

Thanks so much for your interest in hosting one of my backyard shows. I'm so excited about doing these shows! I love playing them because it gives us a chance to get to know one another in ways that just aren't possible in a festival setting. I get to hang out with you and your friends and then share the stories that inspire my music.

Read below and learn all about how to make your very own Backyard Concert happen!

How It Works

We’re accepting offers from across the USA. Yes, that's anywhere in the U.S.

We are only scheduling a limited number of these shows and we can't accept every offer due to routing and the cost of travel, etc., so get your offer in or collaborate with your friends and all pitch in to make it a block party. Get creative and make it count!

Here's What I'll Bring

  •  Myself. I'll provide my transportation and lodging. (Please keep that in mind when making your offer. Travel is not inexpensive!​)

  • A small PA, microphone, & guitar

  • 90 minutes of music, fun, storytelling and my usual brand of socially awkwardness. 

What You Provide

  • A backyard space with a flat area for me to play and room for a bunch of your friends.

  • A whole bunch of your friends!

  • Hang up some lights, make it fun and festive! Provide some snacks or have everyone bring munchies. Provide beverages or make it BYOB!

The Numbers

Financially, you can offer whatever you want, but please understand; the stronger the offer, the better the chance of your show being chosen.

Don’t be afraid to partner up with another family or friend (or your whole neighborhood?) to help strengthen your bid. Hit me with your best shot!

If your offer is selected, a 50% deposit will be due, as well as execution of a basic performance contract that essentially says ‘the other half is due day of show before the performance, and if you need to cancel within 7 days of the performance, we have to keep the deposit’.

Click the button below to fill out the OFFER FORM and provide some info about putting together your very own backyard show!

I can't wait to play for y'all!

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